OpenTTD – MTA 002

Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe – Metropolis Transport Agency #002

In Part #02 of Metropolis Transport Agency I have to buy more Vehicles. I deliver more Coal and Goods.  At the End of the Part we have something about 2k Euro, but a lot more of Vehicles, wich bring the Company the money. Let’s see this in this little Video.

Give your Vehicle a Name.

In Part 02 at 12:50 you see how to give a single new Vehicle a new Name. This make sense, if you put your Vehicles in several Categorys. E.g. Passangers, Post, Goods,  Wood, Oil etc. The Categorys are useful later in the Game to change old vehicles to new ones automaticly.

Make Categorys for your Vehicles.

In Part 02 at 07:34 you see how to make several Categorys for your Vehicles. This make sense for the further game, especially if you want to change old vehicles to new ones automaticly.

OpenTTD – MTA 001

Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe – Metropolis Transport Agency #001

In this Video I show you, how to getting startet with the Game. I startet this Game in the Year 1900.  Weiterlesen

Giro de Italia 2017

Am 05. Mai 2017 startet der 100. Giro de Italia.

Wer sich zu diesem Event näher Informieren möchte, kann auf der Webseite sich weitere Informationen anschauen.

Das Event wird auf Eurosport übertragen.

Save money with getting your Fuel cheaper !

Hello, I have a Tipp for all who do not know, how to save a little bit money during your life. If you are driving a car, you can easy save money with getting your Fuel a little bit cheaper. (Works for Germany).

If you have only the half of your Fuel in the Car, you can look to this Website:
Tankstellenpreise and at the moment in my region the fuel is in the ceapest case 1,31 Euro and in the expesive case 1,48. This means, if you get e.g. 65 Liter (Google Liter Galleons) then you can save about :
1,48 * 65 = 96,2 Euro …. 1,31 * 65 = 85,15 …. you saved: 11,05 Euro! (Example!)

So look every morning / day on this Tankstellenpreise-Webseite. So you get the overview for your Region to the actual top and lowest Fuel Prices, and you can get your fuel everytime cheaper now.


Have Fun, Fachwurst 🙂

OpenTTD 4 Way Junction – EasyBuild

How to Build a 4 Way Train Junction easylie:



How to Convert mp4 into mp3 with VLC-Media Player

How to Convert a mp4 Movie-File into a mp3 Audio File with VLC-Media Player

Wie Convertiere ich eine mp4 Videodatei in eine mp3 Audio Datei mit dem VLC Media Player


Photoshop CS2 kostenlos

Auf der Webseite von gibt es Photoshop CS2 kostenlos zum download. Ideal für alle denen ein etwas älteres Bildbearbeitungsprogramm taugt. Damals war die original Software von Adobe sehr teuer.

Handbrake – Filesize vs Quality

Render your TV-Movies in 1280 Quality. Everytime you have to ask yourself, do i want a high-end-quality Movie with a very huge size, or a quite good quality, not even worse like DVD-Quality. Imagine that the most Time of your Lifetime the Movies are stored on a Harddisk and you will show some movies only 1-2 times before you delete them or whatever.

In this Article I have a good compromise between Quality and Filesize.

I show you my Handbrake Settings and have a File uploaded witch you can easily import on your PC to use it free.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Source 1280xHeight (Individual), Some Movies you have to make the Cropping manually.

Click to enlarge.

Turn Detelecine off, Deinterlace (X) Fast, Denoise OFF

Click to enlarge.

Codec H.264, Framerate Same as source, Quality: Constant 24 RF,
to render faster (Filesize could be bigger at the end) you can Optimise
the Video with the x264 Preset from fast to very fast / fastest.
x264 Tune is set to Film and Profile Main, Level 5.2

Click to enlarge.

Audio Track you can choose MP3 Bitrate is 128

Here you can download the full Profile. (Rightclick – save under…)

Have fun.

YouTube News

Stand der Dinge:

Am 12.03.2016 hat Gronkh 4.563.531 Abonnenten

und BibisBeautyPalace 4.414.640.

Es fehlen Bibi noch 148.891 Abonnenten um Gronkh einzuholen.

Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Soon we start a Let’s Play Serie about:
OpenTTD (Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe)
It is a Strategy-Game, where you have to make money and big cities. You have to plan transport routes.
You can download this free2play Game under the OpenTTD-Website.
Soon I will present you a nice Excel-List, to optimize your Cargo-Goals.


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